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Indigeneous Dolls

Bring home a piece of history and witness the ancient craft of doll making, where each of our dolls is thumb pressed, moulded and crafted in clay, lac, or wood.

We, at Nainsouk, aim to preserve this beautiful art from slowly fading into oblivion in the times of mass production.

Indigeneous Dolls By Heritage


Majilpur Clay Dolls

These special varieties of colored, fired-clay dolls are manufactured in the regions of Joynagar-Majilpur of South 24 Parganas. The range of characters they depict often include local deities like Ban Bibi, Bara Thakur, Dakhin Ray, Ahlad-Ahladi, etc


Krishnanagar Dolls

Krishnanagar clay dolls are unique in their realism and the quality of their finish. Realistic recreations of everyday life, work, mood and character- farmers, weavers, rag pickers, basket makers, umbrella makers, etc.


Bishnupur Clay Dolls

Bishnupur, is a small town of West Bengal which apart from their terracotta artwork, is famous for its soft clay dolls or ‘Heem Putul’ which are handcrafted by a group of women belonging to the artist families of Faujdars.


Jo Putul

The distinctiveness of these dolls lies in the primitive look which is quite evident in the face of the mother doll that resembles the Garuda (Eagle).

The mother and child duo is one remarkable specimen in a series of colourful hand-pressed dolls.


Rare Whistle Dolls

These super rare clay dolls are engineered to work as a whistle when one blows into them.

Behold a rare piece of history and admire the raw beauty of this dying craft.


Other Dolls

Explore our curated commection of Lac or Shellac Dolls, Rani Doll and Kathalia Dolls of West Bengal
Each doll is unique to their region and made individually by renowned doll makers of the region.

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