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Story of Nainsouk

Why we started Nainsouk....Our Story

About is all about ART. is a venture started by alums of top b-schools who believe that art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate , inspire and motivate. We work with the artisans from all over India, and carefully source the best quality items for our customers

Literal Meaning of "Nainsouk"

Nainsouk is derived from the words “Nain” - Meaning EYES And “Souk“ - an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar

Also when combined together, it sounds like “Nainsukh” - Meaning “JOY OF THE EYES“

Gratitude to the Great Pahari Painter"Nainsukh"

Nainsukh was also an Indian (Pahari) painter. He was the younger son of the painter Pandit Seu and, like his older brother Manaku of Guler, was an important practitioner of Pahari painting, and has been called "one of the most original and brilliant of Indian painters"

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