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Jo Dolls or Jo Putul

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

When we first discovered Jo Dolls, our first question was, "What do these dolls look like?" The distinctiveness of these dolls, lies in the primitive look which resembles the Garuda (Eagle). And it was here that we found our answer. The womenfolk of the patua-painter community make these unique clay dolls. The mother and child duo is one remarkable specimen in a series of black with colorful accessories hand-pressed dolls. These rare clay dolls are crafted by Phooljaan of West Midnapore district; who is an accomplished creator of these dolls. The dolls she specializes in, are known for their black colored figurines which is the true form of Jo Dolls. Today, artist's of Pingla district have started making Jo dolls which have the same distinctive appearance, yet are brightly coloured, to suit the modern sentiments.

The art is confined among the women patuas (clay sculptors) of East and West Midnapore. The figure is carved from soft clay. The model is then sundried and fired. Finally the dolls are painted with home-made herbal colours. The love in the eyes of the mother for her child or the sheer casual stance of the snake charmer with a bird handing off his shoulder, makes these dolls to be a magnificent specimen of curiosity and art.

Visit our curated section of Jo dolls, painstakingly sourced from Bengal.

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